Attribute Specification


tPin numeric [0; 9999] 0 yes Represents the PIN numbers
tPinDifferene numeric [-9999; 9999] 0 yes Represents all the possible results of two PIN numbers subtraction
tUserActions symbolic {withdraw; balance} - no The set of actions that user can invoke
tCashPointActivities symbolic {askForPIN; payOut; takeCardAway; displayBalance;
msgNotEnoughFoundsInMachine; msgNotEnoughFoundsOnAccount;}
- no The set of actions that can be executed by cashpoint
tMoney numeric no constraints 2 yes Represents the amount of money
tBool symbolic {false, true} 0 yes The boolean values
tAttempts numeric [0; 3] 0 yes The type that defines the number of attempts to enter a correct PIN


userRequestedAction simple tUserActions input - userR Indicates the action that user wants to execute
cashPointActivity simple tCashPointActivities output - cashP Indicates which action should be invoked by cashpoint
correctPin simple tPin input - corre Holds the PIN number that is stored on the card
enteredPin simple tPin input - enter Holds the PIN number that has been entered by the user
pinDifference simple tPin input/output - pinDi Holds the difference between enteredPin attribute value and correctPin attribute value
authorized simple tBool input/output - autho Indicates if the user has entered a correct PIN
failedAttempts simple tAttempts input/output - faile Holds the number of failed attemts to the entering of a PIN
desiredAmount simple tMoney input - desir Holds the amount of money, which user wants to withdraw
cashPointAmount simple tMoney input - cash The amount of money inside cashpoint
userAccountAmount simple tMoney input - userA The total balance of the user account
cdAmountDifference simple tMoney input/output - cdAmo Holds the difference between cashPointAmount attribute value and desiredAmount attribute value
udAmountDifference simple tMoney input/output - udAmo Holds the difference between userAccountAmount attribute value and desiredAmount attribute value
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