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 +====== Interface ======
 +===== Buttons =====
 +You can turn the NXT on by pressing the orange button. The same button confirm choices in the menu. To move around between positions, use the triangle-shaped buttons. Dark button below is used to cancel a selection and to turn the NXT off (when you are in the main menu).
 +===== Bluetooth =====
 +Turning BT can be found in the NXT menu. Choose: Bluetooth -> On / Off -> {On or Off}. 
 +When BT is turned on, in the upper left corner of the display there is a symbol of BT and to the right of it there is a '<'​ symbol. After a connection is established next to a '<'​ symbol appears '>'​ symbol. Together: '<>'​. After a connection is closed a '>'​ symbol disappears. ​
 +===== Batteries =====
 +In the upper right corner of the display there is a battery level indicator. When it is black as a whole, the batteries are full.
 +===== Sensors readings =====
 +The sensors readings can be read directly form the NXT menu. Please select View -> {sensor_type} -> {port}
 +===== Settings =====
 +==== Sleep ====
 +NXT has a "​sleep"​ function. It is set to 10 minutes by default. If by that time, no button will be pressed, a NXT deactivates. This means that it can also do this during work. This can be really annoying. To turn this function of, select from the menu: Settings -> Sleep -> Never.
 +==== Sound ====
 +NXT can make annoying sounds when it's turned on. You can turn them off from the menu by selecting: Settings -> Volume -> 0.
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