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 +====== The EVVA Wiki ======
 +This part of the wiki is dedicated to topics of:
 +  * evaluation
 +  * validation
 +  * verification
 +  * analysis
 +in the areas of knowledge-based systems that use [[rules]].
 +It serves both as a research and didactic resource.
 +This wiki is created by the members of the HeKatE project, but also by other researchers and students. It is not related to HeKatE itself, or its development.
 +The wiki is english-only,​ and all of the pages are in the __evva__ namespace.
 +FIXME It is currently under construction ​ --- //​[[gjn@agh.edu.pl|Grzegorz J. Nalepa]] 2007/09/28 14:24//
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