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 +====== Converting the binary RPM package to DEB ======
 +However unelegant it may seem, this is currently the easiest way to get SWI-Prolog and JPL up and running on a Debian-based distribution. You can either download and convert the RPM yourself, or grab the ready DEB package.
 +===== Do-it-yourself =====
 +  * download [[http://​gollem.science.uva.nl/​cgi-bin/​nph-download/​SWI-Prolog/​binaries/​pl-5.6.54-319.i586.rpm]]
 +  * ''​sudo apt-get install alien''​
 +  * ''​sudo alien -d pl-5.6.54-319.i586.rpm'',​ FIXME doesn'​t work with SWI Prolog 5.6.60 :-( cpio/​extraction error
 +  * satisfy the [[dependencies]]
 +  * ''​sudo dpkg -i pl_5.6.54-319_i386.deb''​
 +===== Ready-to-eat =====
 +Get it here: {{:​prolog:​jpl:​pl_5.6.54-320_i386.deb|5.6.54}}
 +===== Issues with new versions =====
 +There indeed seems to be an issue with post-5.6.54 RPMs. The //alien// command uses the following commands to extract a RPM file (intentionally broken into two commands with intermediate file):
 +  * rpm2cpio file.rpm > file.cpio (to convert from rpm to cpio)
 +  * cat file.cpio | cpio --extract --make-directories --no-absolute-filenames --preserve-modification-time (to extract the cpio file)
 +It seems that the Ubuntu rpm2cpio version can't handle the new RPM files properly -- we're currently investigating this issue. More about CPIO can be found [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Cpio|here]].
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