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Constraint Programming vs Real Life Problem

This lab has been been planned for two meetings and consists of two checkpoints:

  1. Basic CSP model of an almost “real-life” optimization problem
  2. Optimizing model to get optimal solution


We will try to solve so called port-scheduling problem, concerning coal transport in an Australian port. Problem skeleton is available at gitlab repository and consists of several files:

  • — basic readme concerning the problem
  • data directory containing data .dzn files
  • handout.pdf — a comprehensive overview of the problem
  • portschedule.mzn — the initial model of the problem. Your task will be to put there some constraints.
  • portschedule.mzp — MiniZinc project file, just open it with MiniZincIDE
  • portschedule_draw.cpp — sources of program used to visualize solution, more about in the readme
  • — script testing correctness of your model
  • — script checking efficiency of the model


  1. Create a gitlab account
  2. Follow instructions from the project README
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