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   - [[en:​dydaktyka:​problog:​lab2|Probabilistic Programming:​ Probabilistic Graphs and Decision Theory]]   - [[en:​dydaktyka:​problog:​lab2|Probabilistic Programming:​ Probabilistic Graphs and Decision Theory]]
-===== Projects ​=====+==== Projects ====
-FIXME+There are three projects to choose from: 
 +  - fox-geese-corn --- simple planning problem.  
 +  - gangs-wars --- problem about optimal ordering of tasks. Quite simple, but it's very difficult to find the optimal solution.  
 +  - production-planning --- simplified problem of scheduling production at the factory. 
 +All the project are available via [[https://​gitlab.com/​agh-krr/​2018-2019|gitlab]]. 
 +Instructions,​ how to do the projects are included in the ''​README.md''​ files. 
 +The deadline is simply last class in the semester. 
 +While grading I will check: 
 +  - if the model is correct; 
 +  - if the model allows to quickly find a good solution; 
 +  - if the model is comprehensible;​ 
 +  - what was your work hygiene (how often did you commit, did you contact in case of a problem, etc.)
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