Bonita Soft

Bonita Open Solution provides the user with a range of features to design, develop, execute and monitor business processes at every phase of the project. Its main focus is user experience. Its default languages include English, French and Spanish; moreover: interfaces can be translated with the Babili community translation tool. Other features enhancing user experience include: task delegation and categorizing. What is quite unusual, Iit can be integrated with social media like Facebook or Twitter so that process actors can build a comment feed during execution. It also allows to define default and role-based dashboards for end-users as well as the intuitive „inbox” interface.

Bonita Open Solution comes with a the Bonita Execution Engine which can be extended to integrate new services or BPM standards as they emerge. It is flexible enough to adapt easily to any Information Systems architecture, from simple to complex.

Bussines Rules feature permits definition of conditions on transitions with a decision table in designing a complex process with no need to write any code. It enables users to model and automate high-level process flows and transitions in a simple manner.

Bonita has simulate process execution with parameters such as cost, duration, resource consumption, calendar and more, and identify candidates for optimization.

Process diagrams validation: error notations and warnings appear when a task is not configured properly or data is missing.

Other features are: drag & drop widgets - text inputs, drop-down lists, radio buttons; importing process models defined in BPMN2, JBPM3 and XPDL.

Bonita Soft

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