Process Maker

ProcessMaker Open Source BPM is 100% open source with 95% of source code written by ProcessMaker development team but paid version of ProcessMaker Cloud and ProcessMaker Enterprise are also available. It’s supported by active community of open source developers and business users. It’s also web-based, form-driven processes. As most of this kind of tools it has a graphical, drag-and-drop workflow maps. It is suitable for different types of small to mid-sized organizations, business units, and departments. There is a new version available for trial with some new features such as:

  • Faster Approval via Email that allows approving cases directly through email client software without requiring users to log into the ProcessMaker system.
  • Case Scheduler - initiate workflows automatically based on specific dates, a recurring schedule, or via an FTP monitor which triggers a case when a file arrives
  • Custom Calendaring - adding a custom calendar to specify work schedules
  • Trigger Wizard with Pre-Built Connectors - connect to ProcessMaker functions and other third-party applications with a 'zero-code' Trigger builder.

ProcessMaker has a simple to use, embedded business rules engine which drives the logic behind the process. At each decision gateway, build in logic can determine how a process should flow down one particular path instead of another in the business process.

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