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 +==== A few words about Partial Logic ====
 +=== Categories of properties and classes in Partial Logic ===
 +In Partial Logic relating [[pl:​miw:​piw08_hekateonto:​weak and strong negation]] at the interpretation level allows to distinguish 4 categories of properties and classes:
 +  * partial properties - properties p that may have truth-value gaps and truth-value clashes (p is possibly neither true nor false, or both true and false)
 +  * total properties - properties p that satisfy totalness (p is true or false but possibly both)
 +  * coherent properties - properties p that satisfy coherence (p cannot be both true and false)
 +  * classical properties - properties that are total and coherent properties
 +=== CWA and OWA ===
 +Partial Logic supports bot open-world reasoning (OWA - Open World Assumption) and close-world reasoning (CWA - Close World Assumption).
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