Camera planner


A definition of the planning space for manipulating camera.

Source: PROLOG programming for artificial intelligence, 3rd Edition, Harlow, 2001, ISBN 0-201-40375-7.


Program source code:


%  Figure 17.3  A definition of the planning space for manipulating camera.
%  Planning space for getting camera ready
%  Opening the case
can( open_case, [camera_in_case]).
adds( open_case, [camera_outside_case]).
deletes( open_case, [camera_in_case]).
%  Closing the case
can( close_case, [camera_outside_case, slot_closed( film), slot_closed( battery)]).
adds( close_case, [camera_in_case]).
deletes( close_case, [camera_outside_case]).
%  Opening a slot
can( open_slot( X), [camera_outside_case, slot_closed( X)]).
adds( open_slot( X), [slot_open( X)]).
deletes( open_slot( X), [slot_closed( X)]).
%  Closing a slot
can( close_slot( X), [camera_outside_case, slot_open( X)]).
adds( close_slot( X), [slot_closed( X)]).
deletes( close_slot( X), [slot_open( X)]).
% Rewinding film
can( rewind, [camera_outside_case, in( film), film_at_end]).
adds( rewind, [film_at_start]).
deletes( rewind, [film_at_end]).
%  Removing battery or film
can( remove( battery), [slot_open( battery), in( battery)]).
can( remove( film), [slot_open( film), in( film), film_at_start]).
adds( remove( X), [slot_empty( X)]).
deletes( remove( X), [in( X)]).
%  Inserting new battery or film
can( insert_new( X), [slot_open( X), slot_empty( X)]).
adds( insert_new( battery), [in( battery), ok( battery)]).
adds( insert_new( film), [in( film), film_at_start, film_unused]).
deletes( insert_new( X), [slot_empty( X)]).
%  Taking pictures
can( take_pictures, [in( film), film_at_start, film_unused, 
  in( battery), ok( battery), slot_closed( film), slot_closed( battery)]).
adds( take_pictures, [film_at_end]).
deletes( take_pictures, [film_at_start, film_unused]).
%  A state with film used and battery weak (note: battery is
%  assumed weak because ok( battery) is not included in the state)
state1( [camera_in_case, slot_closed( film), slot_closed( battery),
  in( film), film_at_end, in( battery)]).


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