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-====== Welcome to the AI Wiki ======+~~LANG>​pl:​start~~ 
-[[pl:​start|Polska Wersja strony]] 
-Welcome to the AI Wiki at [[http://​ai.ia.agh.edu.pl]]. ​ 
-This Wiki is established to keep track of several Research Projects, as well as coordinate student classes. 
-Relevant topics are listed below. 
-====== General Topics ====== 
-  * [[hekate:​Hekate]],​ the hybrid knowledge engineering approach 
-  * [[Prolog]], learn it, teach it, use it! 
-  * [[Rules]], how to practically express knowledge and use knowledge 
-  * [[EVVA]], that is Evaluation, Validation, Verification and formal Analysis of Knowledge Based Systems 
-  * [[Mobile Robots Laboratory]] 
-    * [[mindstorms|LEGO Mindstorms NXT]] 
-    * [[Hexor]] 
-====== Students ====== 
-[[pl:​start#​dla studentów|Polska Wersja strony]] 
-  * [[student:​hekate_projects|Hekate Student Projects]] 
-  * [[student:​hqed|Hekate Qt Editor]] 
-====== Developers ====== 
-Access restricted to registered users participating in apropriate projects only. [[hexordev:​hexor development|hexordev]] namespace available to users belonging to ''​hexordev''​ group, [[hekatedev:​hekate development|hekatedev]] namespace available to users belonging to ''​hekatedev''​ group. 
-  * [[hekatedev:​Hekate Development]] ​ 
-  * [[hexordev:​Hexor Development]] 
-====== About the Wiki ====== 
-Some (or most) of the topics/​projects are bilingual, available in English and Polish. 
-By default topics are displayed (and written) in English but if the topic'​s name is preceded with ''​pl:''​ it means that it is written in Polish. 
-Additionally,​ while switching to a different topic'​s language, the wiki interface language is also switched accordingly. 
-For example, this very start page is available in English as [[:​start|start]] or in Polish as [[pl:​start|pl:​start]]. 
-Have fun. 
-Notice: if there is an article in English it does not mean that there is its Polish counterpart. The multilingual feature of this Wiki depends on creativity and good will of its users. 
-There are some [[wiki:​plugins]],​ extending wiki [[wiki:​syntax|functionality and syntax]], installed here. More info about the plugins can be found [[wiki:​syntax|here]]. 
-Furthermore,​ you can find orphan pages and wanted pages using [[wiki:​OrphansWanted]]. 
-If you have any requests regarding this wiki, feel free to add them to the [[wiki:​requests]] page. 
- --- //​[[wojnicki@agh.edu.pl|Igor Wojnicki]] 2006/07/02 15:27// 
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