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Welcome to the AI Wiki

AI Wiki was established in the CS lab of Institute of Automatics to support teaching mopstly in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, including Knowledge Engineering.

In the past, it was used for managing the HeKatE project and as a platform for team collaboration.

Some (or most) of the topics/projects are bilingual, available in English and Polish. By default topics are displayed (and written) in English but if the topic's name is preceded with pl: it means that it is written in Polish. Additionally, while switching to a different topic's language, the wiki interface language is also switched accordingly. For example, the start page is available in English as start or in Polish as pl:start.

General Topics

Dla studentów

Zajęcia Dydaktyczne

Spis zajęć dydaktycznych wspieranych przy pomocy AI wiki.

Języki Sztucznej Inteligencji

Podstawy Inżynierii Wiedzy

Metody Inżynierii Wiedzy

Algorytmy i Struktury Danych

Systemy Operacyjne

Bazy Danych

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