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The KESE Workshop Series

KESE stands for Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering and is an annual workshop series for exchanging latest research results as well as knowledge about practical experience.

The KESE logo (c) 2008 by WTF

This year we have KESE8 in Montpellier, France at ECAI 2012 (THE European Conference on Artificial Intelligence) organized by European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence.

The KESE logo has been designed by Weronika T. Furmańska, (C) 2008.

Aims and scope

Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) have been successfully developed in various domains based on techniques and tools from Knowledge Engineering (KE). The classic KE approach to system modelling uses mostly symbolic logic-based symbolic knowledge representation methods, which are more specific from Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a broad sense, that has recently included computational intelligence techniques. Since most of the implementations of today KBS are software based, Software Engineering (SE) methods and tools play an important role in their development. Moreover, recent developments in SE emphasize the importance of the use of formalized symbolic representations in the software development process.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge and software engineering for the Semantic Web
  • Ontologies in practical knowledge and software engineering
  • Business Rules design, management and analysis
  • Business Processes modelling in KE and SE
  • Practical knowledge representation and discovery techniques in software engineering
  • Agent-oriented software engineering
  • Knowledge base management in KE systems
  • Evaluation and verification of KBS
  • Practical tools for KBS engineering
  • Process models in KE applications
  • Software requirements and design for KBS applications
  • Declarative, logic-based, including constraint programming approaches in SE

We are also strongly interested in tool presentations, so we regularly encourage the submission of tool presentation papers, i.e., system descriptions that clearly show the interaction between knowledge engineering and software engineering research and practice.

Detailed Information and Call for Papers (CfP)

For full details on this year edition of KESE see the KESE8 page.

Workshop paper submission deadline is 28 May 2012:

First Call for Papers (CfP) is available: Call for Papers

The KESE 8 flyer will be available soon.


The KESE workshop has been organized at the German KI conference since 2005. In 2011, KESE workshop moved to the Spanish CAEPIA conference. In 2012 KESE will be hosted on ECAI.

The KESE organizers have been:

The Workshops


The logo was invented by W. T. Furmańska and G. J. Nalepa and drawn by W. T. Furmańska in 2008,9: color version, bw version, large bw version, pdf version.


KESE2008 Photos

KESE 2008 organizers, and a famous B-session.

KESE 2008 B-session

KESE 2008 organizers

KESE2007 B-Session

Some participants of the KESE 2007 workshop.

Some participants of the KESE 2007 workshop.

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