Adonis is BPMN 2.0 based and it has 3 diagram types: Business Process Diagram, Choreography Diagram, Conversation Diagram), new streamlined installation process, and dozens of other improvements. With this tool one can:

  • Easily model his processes and organisational resources to document the status quo, show the big picture, and design changes.
  • Conveniently work with hundreds of models because all his work is stored in a database and not in flat files.
  • Analyse models of his organisation to see the dependencies and create custom reports.
  • Simulate your processes to optimise them.
  • Publish his models as Word reports or HTML in order to improve communication and to transfer knowledge.

ADONIS:CE provides process simulation, performance monitoring, and risk management support. It allows a user to can also model processes in BPMN and export these models in BPEL code. ADONIS:CE comes with several predefined analytical reports (e.g. show me all activities that cost more than …), but one can also create his own custom queries and save the results as reports. A user can also use the analysis component of ADONIS to edit many models at once (e.g. find all reported errors in your models and fix them directly).


ADONIS:Community Edition – business process modeling (BPMN + other model types), analysis, simulation, documentation (HTML+Word) and BPEL export.

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