Eclipse SOA BPMN Modeler

It is a Intalio Modeler integrated as a component of the SOA Platform Tools and then evolved as a subproject.

It is based on an EMF object model bound to a graphical notation via the GMF project.

The STP BPMN Modeler uses a light and flexible object model. It strives to achieve the look and feel of the BPMN visual notation rather than force a schema that fully describes a specification. The simplicity of the object model minimizes the impact when the specifications evolves. It also keeps the size of the generated code maintainable.

  • Create BPMN diagrams to document process orchestration or workflows.
  • Generate org.eclipse.stp.bpmn EMF objects. Traverse, annotate, transform to generate BPEL or other object models.
  • Extend the editor to support drag & drop and other application specific usage.
  • Implement a particular version of the BPMN specification: add the properties, validation services, generation algorithms
  • Unordered List ItemCreate another domain model and map it to the notation provided here.

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