TIBCO Business Studio™ is a standards-based, unified business process modeling and development environment that enables business experts and IT to collaborate to model, develop, and deploy business process applications.. Standards-based process modeling using BPMN, with process definitions persisted and exchanged using XPDL. Perform simulations to validate processes and identify costs, times, bottlenecks, or underutilized resources. Business data modeling using UML, allowing a vocabulary of core business objects to be defined. Explicit data models abstract business data from process models and enable data model re-use across processes. Organization modeling to define the organization structure and attributes. These are key aspects in the behavior of business processes and how people perform work. Processes can assign work based on the organization model. There are more open source BPM tools out there, such as uengine, cuteFlow, Visual Service Design Tool, Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server, ADONIS: CE 2.0 or WebRatio BPM Free 6.1.

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