Mindstorms overview

What is LEGO Mindstorms?

LEGO Mindstorms is an educational kit, with which you can:

  • build robots,
  • build automatics installations,
  • communicate with them:
    • f.e. by Bluetooth or USB,
  • programing them.

In the kit you can find:

  • 'brick' - CPU,
  • electronic sensors,
  • servomotors,
  • LEGO blocks.


With sensors, the possibility of programming and communicating with 'brick', it's possible to:

  • load programmed actions,
  • manual control the robot,
  • interact robot with environment,
  • detect barriers and aims.

Mindstorms NXT

Mindstorms NXT is the successor of Robotics Invention System 2.0.
It can be used to build models of embedded systems, which can be used in every day life.

More about Mindstorms

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