Mindstorms kit extensions

Mindstorms kit is well prepared for extensions. Additional elements are sold by LEGO and other companies.
You can also prepare extensions by yourself.

LEGO publiced the whole documentation and source code of NXT Brick operation system.

Ready elements


  • LEGO Power Functions

Rich source of knowledge about Mindstorms kit extentions: LEGO Power Functions


Available elements:

  • Compass sensor,
  • Color sensor,
  • Accelerometer sensor,
  • Infrared seeker,
  • Gyroscopic sensor,
  • Infrared link sensor,
  • LEGO Camera.

By other companies

Own elements

NXT Prototype Board

NXT Prototype Board is a kit to build own sensors for NXT Mindstorms. It can be used as interface for connection between NXT and other devices.


LEGO protocol

LEGO byte code

More about extensions

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