History of Mindstorms

Evolution of LEGO kits

LEGO Technic

The LEGO Technic kit included:

  • mechanical elements,
  • pneumatic elements,
  • electrical motors.

The kit did not include a microcontroller.

Robotic Invention System

RIS versions:

  • 1998r.: RIS 1.0,
  • 1999r.: RIS 1.5,
  • 2001r.: RIS 2.0.

The most important change: RCX 'brick', which contains programmable microcontroller Renesas H8/300. Furthermore introduced:

  • possibility of communication between RCXs,
  • sensors (e.g. of color and touch),
  • additional electronical equipment, e.g. speakers,
  • about 700 elements.

Mindstorms NXT

In mid 2006 Mindstorms NXT replaced Robotic Invention Systems.

The kit include:

  • more sensors,
  • about 500 elements (such as: wheels, bars, adapters, hubs, etc.),
  • motors with sensor of position and tachometer,
  • touch sensor, sound sensor, color sensor, ultrasonic sensor.

Mindstorms NXT supports a lot of programming languages.


Other LEGO kits


Lego Cybermaster

  • communication RF,
  • Passive sensors limitations,
  • no possibility of software development.


  • only basic elements,
  • programing through switching to learn-mode and using light sensor to get over coded cammands.


  • poor possibilities of programming,
  • RCX communication.

Micro Scout

  • limited Scout version,
  • communication with: Scout, Spybotics, RCX by VLL.


  • toy-version of Cybermaster,
  • communication with other Spybotics and with RCX.

More about Mindstorms history

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