Example Questions

Question 1:

Let's assume our knowledge base in Prolog consists of the following facts and rules:

correct_answer(question_1, a). correct_answer(question_2, b).
student(anna). student(michael).
answered(anna, question_1, b). answered(anna, question_2, b).
answered(michael, question_1, a). answered(michael, question_2, a).
passes_exam(Student) :- 
    correct_answer(question_1, A1), 
    answered(Student, question_1, A1),
    correct_answer(question_2, A2),
    answered(Student, question_2, A2).
  1. Does any student pass the exam according to the KB? (1p)
  2. Write a modified version of the passes_exam/1 predicate, so it requires only 50% to pass the exam. (2p)
  3. Rewrite the KB in CLIPS (still, 50% should be enough) (3p)

Question 2:

What are the three reasoning modes supported by HeaRTDroid? (3p) Describe every of them in 1-2 sentences. (3p)

Question 3:

Assign every concept to one of the five technologies: Drools, Prolog, Clips, HeaRTDroid, GDL (there may be more than one correct answer) (3p)

  1. Closed-World-Assumption: ……..
  2. Backward Chaining: ……..
  3. Certainty Factors: ……..
  4. Fact Type: ……..
  5. Fluent: ……..
  6. HMR: ……..

Choose and describe shortly three of them. (3p)

Question 4:

Look at the following GDL program and answer following questions:

input(R,a) :- role(R)
input(R,b) :- role(R)
input(R,c) :- role(R)
next(p) :- does(white, a). 
next(q) :- does(white, A), does(black, A).
next(q) :- true(q).
next(r) :- does(black, c).
goal(white,100) :- terminal
goal(white,0) :- ~terminal
goal(black,100) :- terminal
goal(black,0) :- ~terminal
terminal :- true(p) & true(q) & true(r)
  1. How many fluents is there? (1p)
  2. How many moves is defined there in the game? (1p)
  3. How many possible joint moves can be performed? (1p)
  4. How many turns is required to finish the game? (1p)
  5. Write, what moves have to be performed to finish the game (1p)
  6. Does following sequence of moves finish the game (1p):
    1. does(white, a), does(black, c).
    2. does(white, b), does(black, b).
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