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Lab. 1: Working with the Activiti platform

Signavio Process Editor

Please sign up for the Signavio Platform: Registration for the Signavio BPM Academic Initiative by selecting: I agree that anonymized versions of all models I create using this platform can be made available for research purposes.

To log into the editor, please select Academic Login on the Signavio BPM Academic Initiative page.


Activiti BPM Platform

Auxiliary materials for the laboratory:

For the needs of today's classes you can deploy Activiti platform from the website: (the lab is prepared for Activiti version 5) on the Apache Tomcat or JBoss Application Server. Then, you can launch the Activiti Explorer in your browser: http://localhost:8080/activiti-explorer, and then sign in to your account:

login: kermit
password: kermit

You can also use the temporary server version at our server:

When logged in, you should have noticed the top bar displaying the menu of 4 icons for administration of:

  • Tasks - tasks,
  • Processes - processes,
  • Reports - reports,
  • Manage - other issues, such as users, groups, database management, or process implementations.

Creating accounts

In the Groups tab (Manage menu), look at the existing user groups. As an administrator user, we can use the default kermit user for a while, but we will need a non-admin user.

So, create a new user for you. Remember about a unique identifier! Assign your user to some groups but not the Admin group.

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