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HeKatE is an acronym for Hybrid Knowledge Engineering

The research project regards Software Engineering based on Knowledge Engineering. The scope of the project includes but it is not limited to Knowledge Representation, Processing and Visualization methods. Main areas include:

  • Knowledge Representation Methods
  • Software Design Methods based on Knowledge Engineering
  • Knowledge-based Runtime Environments for Standalone and Embedded Systems

The main HeKatE Web Page:

The project started in May 2007, and has ended in November 2009.


Development Team meetings are available at hekate_meetings.


Papers and publications regarding the HeKatE project are at: Hekate Bibliography


Project Leader: Prof. Antoni Ligęza, PhD

Project Coordinator: Grzegorz J. Nalepa, PhD

The Project involved number of important AGH UST staff members and students, see team information.


See hekate concepts for more info about the ideas, process, architecture, applications etc.


The HaDEs environment includes:

Rule-based knowledge is:

  • described in a human-readable textual HMR notation, and
  • serialized to a machine-readable XML HML format.


A number of rule systems cases has been modeled using the HeKatE approach.


  • There is a semantic_gap in the contemporary Software Engineering which should be minimized
  • Designed Knowledge Base is a 'program' capable of running, assuming that a proper runtime environment is supplied
  • The Knowledge Base can be verified and its proper behavior can be assured.
  • The Knowledge Base can be easily extended to meet new requirements, implement new functionality etc.

The logo depicts a few triplets:

  • three faces of Hekate,
  • Model, View, Controller,
  • Forward Chaining, Backward Chaining, Human-Computer Interfacing,
  • Software Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Interfacing,
  • Art, Spirit, Science.
  • 2009: Beating Heart - an inference engine loosly inspired by XTT, partially compatible with HeKatE toolset.
  • 2002-4: the Mirella project, where the most important ideas for HeKatE were formulated, including XTT. Currently not functional and not supported in any way.
  • '90: early works of Prof. Antoni Ligęza traced in the gjn2009amcs paper.
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