Varda (Visual ARD Rapid Development Alloy) is a prototype design tool for ARD+ in Prolog.

Getting it

Just download a VARDA milestone file below.



Download varda-m_6.tar.gz.


Download varda-m_5.tar.gz.

Previous releases

Download varda-m_4.tar.gz.
Download varda-m_3.tar.gz.
Download varda-m_2.tar.gz.
Download varda-m_1.tar.gz.
Download varda-m_0.tar.gz.


  • 2009.11.30 VARDA M_6 released: bug fixes, cases generator fixes.
  • 2009.08.19 VARDA M_5 released: batch mode, cases generator, set-based model optional.
  • 2009.08.14 VARDA M_4 released: model conversion from lists to sets, interactive shell (see some docs in polish), possible models generation.
  • 2009.05.13 VARDA M_3 released: support for HML2 - fixed ids.
  • 2009.05.03 VARDA M_2 released: support for HML2.
  • 2008.04.21 VARDA M_1 released: support for ARD/HML, horizontal xtt visualization, and “arp.”
  • 2008.02.29 VARDA goes GPLv3, M_0 released
  • 2008.01.28 tph+ard display and collapse.
  • 2008.01.26-7 preliminary HML export added, use 'axg.'


To run it you need:

  • required to run VARDA: SWI Prolog
  • needed to build visual models GraphViz
  • needed for automatic visualisation: ImageMagick and GNU Bash (Warning: under Unix, you need GNU bash as a default Bourne shell (/bin/sh) – this is not the case with Ubuntu!!! it ships dash, change it: sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash and answer No to the question: Install dash as /bin/sh?, or uninstall dash.)


To use it:

cd varda

You can load an example model from the cmdline:


In Varda, try hlp.

While working in Varda you are in the pure SWI shell, just use Prolog :-)

If you want to load a model when you are in VARDA simply use:

?- [therm-model].


  • the hekate_case_thermostat
  • the UServ case.
  • an example elavator system.

Batch mode

In a Unix shell it is possible to use VARDA in a batch mode, specifying goal from the commandline, e.g.:

./varda -t sar.


If you use Windows, you can still use VARDA, but automatic visualization would not work (it requires a Unix-like environment). Just run SWI Prolog, and:

?- [varda].
?- [therm-model].

If you have Graphviz under Windows, you can generate pictures manually, e.g.:

?- sar('').
?- shi('').
?- gax.
?- sxt('').

And then run Graphviz DOT:

dot -T png > therm-ard.png

Report bugs

Please report the bugs, suggestions to the CVStrac system.


  • access the system with the wiki user/pass
  • submit new Tickets anonymously
  • please leave your contact information, as well as other reference, e.g. MIW project ID


ARD Design Levels

In ARD+ you can directly see anly the most detailed (last level). If you want to see previous levels, you can either:

  • comment out parts of the model
  • hic to previous levels in VARDA

If you want to manually collapse the history, and display the ARD and TPH, use: ard_hist_collapse insteand of hic and then sar and shi.


Patches and suggestions welcomed!

The development is not public.

Developers see hades

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