Parser abc


A Prolog program parsing the language a*b*c

Source: The Art of Prolog


Program source code:


:- op(40,xfx,\).
        s(As\Xs) :-  a(As\Bs), b(Bs\Cs), c(Cs\Xs).
        a(Xs\Ys) :-  connect([a],Xs\Xs1), a(Xs1\Ys).
        a(Xs\Ys) :-  connect([ ],Xs\Ys).
        b(Xs\Ys) :-  connect([b],Xs\Xs1), b(Xs1\Ys).
        b(Xs\Ys) :-  connect([ ],Xs\Ys).
        c(Xs\Ys) :-  connect([c],Xs\Xs1), c(Xs1\Ys).
        c(Xs\Ys) :-  connect([ ],Xs\Ys).
        connect([ ],Xs\Xs).
        connect([W|Ws],[W|Xs]\Ys) :-  connect(Ws,Xs\Ys).
%     Program 18.8: A Prolog program parsing the language a*b*c


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